Drugdealer Cheerleader - Enjoy the Time You Waste





Unfortunately I didn't enjoy too much of the time I wasted listening to this album. "Fireworks" kicks off with a Metallica-ish riff, which was unexpected. I liked a lot of the guitar work; grown up glam guitars slightly heavier and a bit grungy and the odd riff lifted from AC/DC along the way doesn't go wrong. "LMFAO"(complete with 70's glam rock stomp & clap) and "Ms LaPish" are big rockers with catchy choruses.

The production is pretty good and the whole thing has a kind of Backyard Babies, American Heartbreak sound about it. It ticks all the juvenile, sleazy lyrical content boxes, which wore thin too quickly.

The thing was nothing really jumped out at me; it was a bit, been there done that heard it all before. There's a few bands up to this sort of thing at the minute DDCL are far from the worst, they just didn't grab my attention but if you like the aforementioned bands give it a listen.

by HUD

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