Davy Vain - In From Out of Nowhere

Davy Vain doesn't need an introduction in this magazine. His band - VAIN - released one of the best glam/hard rock albums ever in "No Respect" and a really good follow up "All those strangers" which was never released as the band got dropped from Island Records. Davy Vain started to collaborate with ex. Guns n Roses drummer Steven Adler and formed ROAD CREW. Though ROAD CREW never put out any album, some of the songs were recorded on VAIN's third album "Move on it". Fans and critics were impressed and surprised by the quality of "Move on it" but the much weaker "Fade" made the band's future very uncertain.

"In From out of Nowhere" much be looked upon as an soloalbum though many musicians from the original line-up plays on the record. Davy Vain is one of the best vocalist around. His got a beautiful voice with many dimensions which enable him to sing a lot of different styles and songs. This is very evident on "In From Out Of Nowhere" which contains a mix of rockers, mid-tempo songs and ballads.

That disrespectful debut twelve years ago will always haunt mr Vain. "In From Out of Nowhere" is a good album but those glamfans that are expecting or comparing it to "No Respect" will be disappointed. I recommend this album If you're into Davy's vocals and mid tempo sometimes a bit psychedelic songs. If you're looking for glam/punk with an attitude, buy The Beatings' new single.

by Andreas

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