Daniel Band - On Rock (Collector's Edition)

Track listing:
01 - He's The Creator
02 - I'm Sorry
03 - You Don't Need The Blues
04 - Free From Sin
05 - Undercover Christian
06 - Two Roads
07 - Never Again
08 - In The SKy
09 - I Like To Rock
10 - Spiritual Games
11 - Somebody Loves You
12 - It All Turnes To Rain (Bonus Track)
13 - I Give You All (Bonus TracK)

If you have any interest in Christian rock then you will be aware of the existence of DANIEL BAND. ON ROCK is a re-issue of their 1982 debut album with a couple of bonus tracks thrown in for good measure. The sound of this album is like a heavier Boston with the vocals sounding similar to Geddy Lee. The band themselves refused to be drawn into the mainstream market which is why they aren't as well known as a lot of other Christian acts. They released seven albums up until 2001 but are still playing on the live circuit.

The lyrical content takes no prisoners as you would expect from a Christian rock band with no attempt to hide things but don't let the message put you off as there are some wonderful songs on here. The sound is a little dated but then what do you expect for an album released in 1982!

Bands like Daniel Band paved the way for more mainstream Christian rock/metal bands like Stryper, Guardian, Shout, Bride and Whitecross.

If you have enjoyed Christian rock bands in the past, or even have a passing interest in them, then this is defintely worth a listen

Standout tracks:
Undercover Christian
Two Roads
I Like To Rock
It All Turns To Rain

Review by K.T.Glitz

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