Damone - Out Here All Night

This quartet hails from Boston, and is fronted by female vocalist Noelle (very Donna's/Runaway's sounding). They mix 80's hardrock/metal with great pop hooks in very Cheap Trickish kind of way. The whole album is full of choruses to die for ('You're the One' for example) and with every track, expect them to be under that magical four minutes where the message stays intact.

A great example of this and one of the stand-out tracks "Outta My Way" borrows heavily from Poison's "Nothing but a Good Time" but does it with great taste that you really don't mind. The band plays really tight with great energy in fast rockers like "Get Up and Go", album opener "Now It's the Time" and the awesome title-track.

The groups' semi acoustic version of Iron maiden's "Wasted Years" seems rather pointless when their own material beats it 6-0. All in all there's really nothing new but the songs are just so fuckin' catchy. This is just pure F-U-N and that's what the music scene has been missing for a loooooong time.


by Jaska Koivusilta

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