Dame Fortune - The Secret Art

Dame Fortune certainly know how to rock and roll! Another band that are thankfully keeping 80s rock well and truly alive! The Secret Art is their latest offering and has me trawling the net to find copies of their previous output. There is a really classic KISS vibe to a lot of their songs without them sounding like poor imitations. Think KISS, KIX, Crue with a little Alice Cooper thrown in for good measure and you won't be far from the mark. There are some infectious riffs and BIG choruses to boot that make this CD FUN FUN FUN! The lyrics are a lot darker than you would expect for the musical style but this just adds to the charm.

Standout tracks:
In Like Flynn
Perpetual Emotion Machine
If You Will Not When You May (You May Not When You Will) - for the title and chorus
I Only Miss You When I Breathe
Hikikimori (Live As Though The Day Were Here) - pure stadium rock

"Classic hard rock with a modern Gothic edge" is what the biography reads and it certainly lives up to that!

by K.T. Glitz

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