Damaged Dolls - Sleazy Entertainment

Damaged Dolls are a four piece from Sweden (where else? It seems that Sweden is pretty much the only place consistently throwing up great new glam bands) formed in October 2006 and already with a pretty impressive amount of demo tracks recorded, they've also toured in many countries around the world. The two tracks on offer here were recorded in September 2007 and form their second official demo.

The title track, "Sleazy Entertainment", heads up the release and is a great stomping piece of glam rock with a great chorus that'll be rattling round your head for a long time. You really can't go far wrong with any song that uses cowbell in the bridge and that rule holds up well on this track too. Second track, "Don't Stop Rockin" has a very Poison-ish guitar sound that reminds me a little of their classic track "Fallen Angel", along with Axl Rose style vocals on a song that has echoes of Ariel Styles era Pretty Boy Floyd. A fantastic old-school glam track that could easily have been written and recorded on Sunset Strip in 1987. This is the kinda stuff I love and while I'd never heard of these guys before, they've certainly gained themselves a new fan here!

The production is pretty good for demo material and shows the talent and quality of the song writing. Marcus Holm's vocals in particular stand out at a time when it's increasingly frustrating trying to find a good vocalist. The band have this demo for sale on their website along with a host of other tunes freely available for download and it's highly recommended that you check them out. With gigs coming up in the UK and America, including a show at the legendary Whiskey A-Go-Go, the bands reputation is only gonna grow and it can't be too long before they get picked up by a label to record a full length album.


by John Baxter

(SDW - Sorry folks, but you've 'just' missed the guys on tour in the UK)

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