D.A.D. - Soft Dogs

I find D.A.D. to be intriguing, while flying below the proverbial public radar; they have put together a series of impressive releases. 'Softdogs', combines the soft styling of 'Simpatico' and the strong melodies of 2000's watershed 'Everything Glows'.

The CD kicks off with the title track, a beautiful mid tempo song that could rate as one of the best songs of 2002. 'Softdogs' continues with a steady stream of mid tempo tunes and ballads, each containing their own beauty. The energy produced throughout is mostly contained and restrained; although the band knows when to unleash thunder, as is apparent on "Hey Little Airplane" and "Un Frappe Sur La Tete" (which means a hit to the head), the latter of which features an incredible duet recalled the energy of their 1989 release "Lords of the Atlas".

D.A.D. have been around for quite some time and it's safe to say that they know how to put together tracks with a distinct sound that retain interest upon repeat listens. Fans of the band who enjoy the direction they have been moving in with their last two releases will enjoy the next step this band have taken.

by Lycan Davis

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