Crimson Sweet - Wired For the Last Move/Basement Star

I'm not sure what to make of this two track 7 inch from NYC four piece Crimson Sweet and the accompanying press release makes me think that it belongs to a completely different band! Stadium rock? Glam rock? Husker Du and Cheap Trick influences? I can't hear any of them on these tracks.

Polly Watson's vocal style is definitely an acquired taste. She can sing in tune but once she tries to inject any power her voice degenerates into a nails on the blackboard screech. Sadly, she uses this style throughout much of "Basement Star" pushing a fairly decent track to the boundaries of unlistenable.

Significantly better is "Wired For the Last Move" where her surprisingly tuneful girly voice is used to great effect on the verses before she screeches through the choruses where it works like a charm. It's also on this track where the band get to play their hearts out with their headlong rush tempered by a decent instrumental break towards the end, providing a breather without losing the overall energy and leads up nicely before one more shot at the chorus.

If you like music at the more energetic end of the spectrum and can handle Polly's vocals then this might just be for you. Definitely worth a listen and more than likely a hugely entertaining live proposition, but not a band I'm likely to be inspired to seek out again.

by Phil T.

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