Crazy Lixx - Heroes Are Forever

When I saw the name of this band, I feared the worst. I really hoped they weren't gonna be one of those bands that are big on image and short on talent. You know the ones I mean... look like hookers and can't hold a note.

Thankfully, I didn't have to worry too much. It's time to pull on your bootstraps and tassled leathers and step back into 1989. Hailing from Sweden, Crazy Lixx appear to have followed the Danger Danger book of Cock Rock with opening track 'Heroes Are Forever'. Lets get one thing straight. I love cheesy metal when it's done well. This track is no exception. Laden with the signature cliches, tales of teenage rebellion, catchy anthemic choruses, this song would be right at home alongside the hair band classics of yesteryear.

Second track 'On Your Marks, Get Set, Rock!' is more of the same, although there appears to be a lot of influence from early Bon Jovi on this one, especially guitar reminiscent of 'Get Ready' from the New Jersey rockers' debut.

All in all, I quite enjoyed my step back in time. I wonder how well it goes down with the Swedish kids these days, but the 30-somethings that still smile rather than cringe when they hear 'Naughty Naughty' will love it.

by Stacey Dunk

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