Crazy Lixx - 2 Track Demo

Move over Hollywood… the Scandinavian invasion have taken the title 'the best rockers on this planet'! Crazy Lixx are the latest of this invasion and although the name suggests a bunch of 80's wannabe's, these guys are definitely worth a listen.

Whereas most bands labeled as '80s metal' or 'hair metal' tend to combine that familiar sound with glam, punk or goth… Crazy Lixx stick to the straight and narrow. If you told me that this demo was recorded in 1990…. I'd believe you.

Although the demo contains only 2 tracks, the band leave you in no doubt as to where they're going. Buckcherry meets Hardcore Superstar is the first comparison that jumped into my head.

The title track 'Do or Die' is a sensational piece! I'm not sure whether to bang my head, pound my drum kit, or let fly on a guitar. If I shut my eyes I can imagine this one being unleashed in a crowded, smokey club. Take me there…please!

Follow this up with the shred-infused 'Death Row' and Crazy Lixx make for an exciting proposition. Fast, catchy, aggressive… but yet holding aloft the spirit of 80's metal. Where have these guys been hiding?!?!?! 2 tracks just doesn't do these guys justice. Sir… may I have some more?

by Lindsay B.

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