Crash Street Kids - Transatlantic Suicide

Crash Street Kids present The Supersonic Star Show Part 3: Transatlantic Suicide (to give this it's full title) is the third album from these glammed out rock'n'rollers from Phoenix. Forming in 2006 the band wasted no time in releasing their debut album "Let's Rock and Roll Tonite" (aka The Supersonic Star Show) which was filled with songs about a fictitious rock star (no prizes for guessing a major influence here!) this was followed a year later by "Chemical Dogs" (aka The Supersonic Star Show part 2) continuing in the vein of the debut and further following the adventures of "The Kid". The band began receiving quite a bit of attention by this point with some corners of the music press dubbing them "Breakthrough Artist of the Year". This latest release is the final part of the trilogy telling the story of The Kid and looks to build further on the publicity and fanbase they've been steadily acquiring over the last coupla years.

The album is split into two acts (again, harking back to the glory days of vinyl in the 70's) with Act 1 starting with "The Engineers" which is a competent enough track with a nice intro but ultimately a forgettable opener. Things look up instantly though with lead single "Do You Still Believe In Rock & Roll?" which is a great anthemic call to arms. This is followed by the effortlessly cool rock'n'roll swagger of "Cigarettes and Starfuckers". Next up is "I Disappear", a bouncing power-pop infused glam rock classic that transports you back to the halcyon era of Ziggy Stardust. Tracks such as "Destroyer" and "We Kill Tomorrows" prove to anyone listening that these guys are the finest purveyors of 70's style glam rock around at the moment, only The S'cool Girls come close. A big chunk of Act 2 is taken up by the ambitious four part track "Dressed In White", each section of the track is completely distinctive and yet gels together extremely well to further the narrative of the album. The album closes with "Saturn's Child" which serves as a bit of an interlude before "The Kid Is Dead?" ends the album in an extremely catchy style, you'll be singing this one for months to come.

Included with the album is a DVD containing live footage from the legendary Whiskey A Go-Go in LA along with a performance from Alice Cooperstown in the bands Phoenix hometown. There's also a documentary on the making of the album featuring interviews with the band members. It's an interesting and welcome addition to the album and makes the whole package even more worthwhile giving you the perfect insight into how the album was put together. The live footage is great, although on the short side, and makes me wish I could see them on tour even more. On the plus side, this could be a possibility soon, as the band are hoping to shortly announce dates across Europe and I for one, Iwill be praying they make it to the UK for some dates. This is an highly ambitious group and they're determined to put major labels, and their acts, to shame with their professionalism. A promo video for "Do You Still Believe In Rock and Roll?" has already been recorded and there are plans to record further promos for "Cigarettes and Starfuckers" and ""Destroyer" in the near future. In addition to this the guys will be recording two shows at Alice Cooperstown for a future live album release. Until the release of that live album you should buy this, it's a highly recommended album from a bunch of guys who know that no matter what record companies may tell you, true glam rock'n'roll will always sound fantastic and will never die.


by John Baxter

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