The Crash Moderns - 5 Track EP

Listen up people. This is how you write a pop song without resorting to crass commercialism or ladling on the cheese. New Jersey based 5-piece the Crash Moderns have clearly studied hard and practiced 'til their fingers bled to turn out this 5 track masterpiece.

They've nailed their colours to the mast in opener "This Time". We're talking bright, breezy pop, utilising the maxim of "don't bore us - get to the chorus" to full effect and it doesn't stop until the last track "Everything At Once" fades from the speakers. They've focused on melody, catchy choruses that you'll be humming for days and song breaks to keep each tune from becoming dull. There's superb use of keyboards throughout, especially on "Hello World" where they are used to underpin the basic song and occasionally given the chance to shine. I ain't gonna complain about the use of handclaps on many of the songs either.

If you really want comparisons, think The Loveless, think The Beat Angels and think Rubinoos on those occasions where they were rocking out. This isn't a band I'm going to listen to when I'm angry, pissed off or miserable. They're strictly a good time, feel good proposition. If there were any justice, The Crash Moderns would be huge but sadly history is littered with bands like this. Let's hope that they can beat the odds.

by Phil T.

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