Crash Diet - 6 Track Demo

'I am what I am, if you like us, so be it, if you don't, fuck off because we really don't care!' is an expression so fitting that it wouldn't surprise me if Crash Diet had this slogan blazoned over every inch of their existence (and I have the distinct notion that they will be unleashing the latter part of this on to me)

We all know that Swedish bands are renowned for their unique attitude and flamboyancy; it seems to come naturally to them, so much so, you couldn't begin to question it, and Crash Diet are no exception to this rule. However, what we have come to expect is a new, modern approach to music and this is where Crash Diet belly flop. I felt like I was being dragged back to the 80's 'metal' scene kicking and screaming. I'm the first to admit that the 80's scene was great, 'at the time' but were now in the year 2003 and we should be looking forward, not attempting to re-establish what was.

In an interview with Cherry Fuck, they were asked which, they found more important, looks or music, they answered 50/50; undeniably an 80's overview. I'm not criticising their skill or ability, I just feel that time has moved on, but if you're the type of person who wishes time had stood still around 1987, then Crash Diet are the band for you.

Musically Inspired by Motley Crue
Vocals: - King Diamond, Nitro, Diamond Rexx
All 6 tracks are available for download

by Spice D. Warlock

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