The Crank County Daredevils - Kings of Sleaze

The 'Crank County Daredevils' are the latest in a long line of bands to be hailed as 'The next big thing' or 'This years Motley Crue'. But for once those crystal ball botherer's might just be onto something. See, what we have here folks is one big 'fuck off ball of bad ass rock n' roll that hasn't been seen or heard since the Backyard Babies promised much, but fell at the 1st hurdle or Buckcherry dissolved and some bright spark cornered Josh Todd and asked "Have you ever thought of diversifying?" (although thank god, they have since re-grouped).

This record is steeped in the kind of sweat soaked, alcohol infused, drug induced, glam rock n' roll tradition (think Stooges, early Crue, Bon Scott era AC/DC, Guns n' Roses, Pussycat and Circus of Power) that many have tried desperately to re-create but have fallen flat on their demi-waves, shriveled up then died! This isn't a band 'pretending' or trying to be 'ironically cool' - fuck no! This is the real deal baby! This is music played by a bunch of tattoo n' leather wearing reprobates that look like they've just woken up from a 20 year hangover with no remorse at all for the ozone layer!

When you slip this in your CD player and 'Kings of Sleaze' kicks in with its no-holds-barred 'Looks that Kill' riff and vocalist Scotty P tells you to 'Stand up!' whilst proclaiming, 'Im on a campaign, to get elected as the king of sleaze', with all the cockiness of Bon Scott your'e already down the fucking polling station voting the bastard in cos you know he means it! Not since Stooges 'Raw Power' or Crue's 'Too fast for love' has a band sounded so invigorating (or essential right now). Churning out riff after motherfucking riff with vocals squeezed tighter and higher than Jordan's tit lift and penetrating, every orifice on your body, this is the sonic equivalent of a Jenna Jameson cum shot - times infinity and less the mess! The song titles alone reek of cigarette butts and unwashed sneakers ('Bitch Be Cool', ' Back on the Nasty', 'Shut Your Lip', 'Ride the Dog')! Needless to say, Westlife this aint.......

This is for the kids that have never grown up and waited an eternity for something to rival the street wise 'sassiness' of GnR's 'Appetite for Destruction' or the unhinged 'decadence' that was Crue's 'Too fast for love'. This is for everyone with a passion for ROCK N ROLL in its purist undiluted ass kicking form!

As for the fucking ner-do-wells that never had the bottle to listen to anything with a REAL set of balls! Stop butt-fucking yourself doofus and listen, because the balls have just got bigger pal and they belong to the biggest bunch of 'alpha' sleaze rockers that ever existed - they are called the CRANK COUNTY DAREDEVILS!!!!

by Northern

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