Crackhouse - Hell Motel


That's the message emblazoned across this, the first full-length release from Italy's purveyors of drug fuelled "total rock n roll", the rather aptly named "Crackhouse".

And this band is a shining example of why I just love writing for Glitzine.

Formed 12 years ago in Padova, Italy, by rock gods in the making, "Kelly" and "Royce" on vocals and guitar respectively. "Crackhouse" have toured and recorded extensively during their more formative years, yet have I ever heard of them before receiving this CD? Come to think of it have you?

Well one thing's for sure, I may be new to this band right now, but I just want to say this loud and proud, "CRACKHOUSE FUCKING ROCK".

This album should be right up every Glitziners glam alley. Ten tracks of full force feel good glam punk that should be the soundtrack to the nightlife any self-respecting rocker with a penchant for the dirty and dangerous.

Imagine the coolest parts of Skid Row, Faster Pussycat and Backyard Babies all put in a huge cock rock blender (one with nice conical studs and leopard skin on the base) and you will get a nice freshly stained picture of what these guys sound like. This is Sunset strip strut, with a foot in the Swedish camp that has so gallantly kept the sleaze flame alive in most recent years.

Right from the first few bars of album opener "Natural Born Star" it's obvious that these guys aren't fucking around. This is the sound of a band pissed off with being messed around, and looking to set the world to rights. "Does Anyone Care?" brings to mind primetime "Junkyard", whilst "Pleasure Toy" is the type of song Ginger used to write so well, many metal full moons ago.

Not unlike "Hardcore Superstar's" eponymous album of 2005, I have to be honest and admit just how much this album surprised me.
I find myself going back to "Hell Motel" (they must have stayed in the Dormy Hotel in Birmingham then) time after time, because it just sounds so damn genuine, and I buy that.

So guys and gals, if you want to get yourselves ten quality fixes of rock n roll adrenalin then get yer arses over to the "Crackhouse".

"Tell them I sent you".

4.5 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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