Cosmic Ballroom - Your Drug of Choice

This is the third album from Sweden's Cosmic Ballroom and as with previous efforts it's filled with some of the finest frenetic punk'n'roll around. The band utilises a twin guitar and triple vocal approach to give their songs the extra crunch that makes them stand out above their peers.

They sound like Backyard Babies playing at 1,000 miles per hour but even at the speed they spit the songs out, they still hold a great melodic quality. 'Dead Generation' has a huge stomping fist pumping chorus and owes a huge debt to the Total 13 album from Backyard Babies. The first single from the album is 'Celebration', which has a great bass led groove leading into a great bouncy snot-nosed chorus. Fifth track, 'She's Not The Only One' is put simply, catchy as hell, sticking in your head for a long time after it ends and a very strong contender for second single. These guys throw out some huge amounts of energy with tracks like 'Pain Provider' and 'Don't Let Me Go This Way' leaving you breathless by the end, and that's only through listening to them! 'Not The End Of My World' has the obligatory big shout-along gang chorus, which always puts a smile on your face and the album comes to a close with the couplet of 'Happy Drunk', filled with Whoa-Whoa-Yeah's, a sure fire way to make drunk people happy at their gigs (come on, we all love a good shout along at a gig, especially when drunk!) and 'Psycho', which is a great punky tune and ends with angry screams of "I'm not your puppet man!" over the sound of instruments about to be trashed.

It's certainly not rocket science and isn't gonna give Tool a run for their money in the introverted thoughtful rock stakes (and thank fuck for that!) but it's a balls out punk'n'roll stomper, a fantastic album guaranteed to put a big wide grin on your face. This is the album Backyard Babies should have made and blows their latest effort away with ease. If you're a fan of the Scandinavian sleaze/punk scene in any way (and even if you're not) buy this album. It does not disappoint!

by John Baxter

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