Cosmic Ballroom - Stoned, Broke and Ready To Rumble

Ah, Sweden, the land of the midnight sun. The land of Vikings and Volvos, of Northern Lights and the Nobel Prize, Snow Skiing and Swedish Bikini Teams, and..........kick ass rock n' roll? That's right, kick ass rock n' roll. Following in the tradition of country-mates Shotgun Messiah, Backyard Babies, and The Hellacopters, Cosmic Ballroom are the latest imports from the thriving Swedish rock scene.

Formed in 1998, Cosmic Ballroom have been busy touring and releasing albums since their inception. "Stoned, Broke, and Ready to Rumble" is the second release from these high-energy rockers, and contains an impressive thirteen songs. Musically, they do have that "Swedish sound" of the aforementioned bands, along with shades of The Wildhearts and Rancid. Soaring guitars, in your face vocals and catchy melodies is the fare on this disc. Highlights include "I Can't Keep My Hands Away", "Kix", "Gotta Go My Way", "Tumbleweed", and the title track, "Stoned, Broke, and Ready to Rumble".

If label interest is any indication, then the future looks bright for Cosmic Ballroom, as they have recently signed with the German record company ZYX Records, who will be re-releasing this CD in January, so keep your eyes open at a record store near you. Until then, check 'em out.

by Dan Earley

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