Coretta Scott - Scream & Shout

Coretta Scott's album 'Scream & Shout' kicks off with 'Fashionably Depressed'. A track with seriously dirty vocals and fantastic musical arrangement, which sounds like, how a seedy behind the bike sheds quickie would feel. Filthy but so satisfying!

The incredibly beautiful 'Piano' is a phenomenal piece of craftsmanship. Exceptional musical performance blended with gorgeous lyrics and vocals, a track, which can only be described as an island of tranquility in a war zone of filthy rockiness. In contrast, the sleaze continues with 'Broken Mirror', an amazing, emotional performance, I SO want to see blasted out live. You can hear so much passion in the vocals and lyrics, which are so often lacking in studio recordings.

'Apologies In The Key Of F Minor' is an outstandingly grubby track with fabulous lyrics. Incredible, filthy vocals and masterful rhythm changes make it a track likely to rock your pants off… quite literally! A phenomenal end to a track, which leads seamlessly into 'Jefferson Street', a wonderfully serene beginning to 'Poison Apple', with fantastic vocal harmonies and guitar work. It kicks up a gear in the middle with great percussion, but still manages to feel mellow, a beautiful faded end to a tremendous record.

If you like it filthy and sleazy then this is the album for you. If you like it mellow with attitude then this is also for you. In parts it is dirtier than a fumble with a mechanic in an oil trap, in others like making love on rose petal covered silk sheets. However you like it, it is bound to rock your world!

by Talia Kane

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