Cord Stone - Field Trip EP

Unfortunately this doesn't motivate me at all, despite my hugely high hopes for them upon seeing that some guy has wrote a tune all about 'Angelina Jolie'. However, this sweet little ditty dedicated to the large lipped lovely is a pretty horrendous tread thru the punkpop quagmire where Blink 182 and co. reside... stuck forever it seems in geeky college rock frat boy schlock... all pleasant Beatlesy sunshiny melodies, sickly sweet and sentimental.

The track 'Coulda Been' especially induces cringeworthy visions of the Busted and McFly goons gurning about. Maybe the field they're furrowing is gonna reap juicy fruits tho, as this stuff is seemingly ever more popular. These 4 songs are juicy fruits but in a bad way - they put my teeth on edge like a sour apple.

by Stu Gibson

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