Cooper - Magic Rocks

'Magic Rocks' by Cooper is the debut album with 9 hard rocking songs with fantastic hooks, crystal clear production and excellent playing by highly talented musicians. It's a short album, nine tracks lasting less than half an hour, and including three instrumental pieces. 'Old Man' is a gentle, ethereal piece, featuring some good guitar harmonising and a bit of acoustic thrown in for good measure. 'Drummer's Paradise' is exactly what you would expect: a chance for Paul Cooper to show off his skills, which are considerable. It leads straight into the closer 'Time's Up', which features a good dose of heavy bass and shredding. Anthony Ristovski's guitars are superb throughout the entire album but the vocals just don't really do it for me, again that's my personal taste, and I'm not saying there's anything wrong here, I'm just not feeling it!

'Magic Rocks' is technically excellent in both performance and production, but I feel that it falls down slightly by being that bit too polished, too focused on the perfection of the overall sound and lacking a little in the passion department.

If you're a prog rock fan you should check Cooper out. Again not really my kinda thing but I can appreciate the talent on display here!

Rating 8/10

by Barry Gennard

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