The Conscience Pilate - Sunday's Refugees

OK, this is cool - makes me kind of sorry I sort of ignored The Conscience Pilate when they existed in any real form. The band is (OK, was) comprised of Niel Layton (now a solo artist) on vocals and guitar, Stacey Straye on guitar, Kevin Taylor on drums (both now with Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars and Edward Pond on bass.

This is the classier side of Glam. Passionate vocals, cryptic lyrics, tasteful playing and a flare for the dramatic. What can I say? This stuff is a class act that, if there was any justice in the world, would have been taken up by a major label. Unfortunately, in the real world, vision is a currency that spends about as well as the peso. So The Conscience Pilate was neglected by big business - which at least saved them the indignity of being raped by the businessmen, but denied them stardom.

This new release includes the 10 original tracks as well as 7 bonus cuts, two of which show the power of this material live. This is not one of those "in-your-CD-player-constantly-for-three-months-and-promptly-forgotten" albums - it's more like the CD you listen to when the occasion, as well as the mood, call for it. And, like a bottle of Pol Roger, it seems to have improved with age.

Review by Adolf Chri$t