Cold Truth - Do Whatcha Do

I was very happy to review the following album due to the buzz about this group in all of the Classic Rock Forum on the net. After the listening to this a second time I was beginning to feel a little bit let down.

I really wanted to like this band as their 70's tinged Southern Rock is normally the type of music I like. However my main point of contention with Cold Truth is that they are to me only OK. They are the type of band that plays my local club every Friday - nothing stands out. Although the sound of the album is great, crisp and clear. The songs themselves let the band down. Musically they remind me of Cry of Love, which are a band I've listened to many times over the last 15 years… Something else to mention is the musicianship is again of a very high standard.

The stand out track for me personally is 'Peace With Me', again it starts off really well, but then does nothing to realising it's true potential.

Overall - I give this a B for effort, C for the songs & A++ for the production.

I will keep an eye on this band - just in case they eventually produce a diamond! Which they show signs of… The potential is there, however there is still a lot of work needed to realise it.

For fans of - Cry of Love, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

by Dave Prince

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