Clockwork Radio - State Of Mind EP

Track listing:
01 - Lost
02 - Foxtrot Bravado
03 - State Of Mind
04 - Moonstruck

Manchester based CLOCKWORK RADIO release their debut STATE OF MIND EP

Clockwork Radio are one of those bands that are hard to pin a label on which is great for them but hard at the same time as it makes it difficult to give people a frame of reference. Their Myspace page describes them as Alternative / Experimental / Flamenco and although I can see why they really are bits of all of these at the same time.

Whilst that may all sound a little pretentious I can assure you that the songs stand up. What we have is four beautifully crafted indie pop songs that should be getting them some good media attention. They are all good and it was very hard to choose standout tracks.

What's even better is that the band are giving away this EP so if you want to hear these fabulous songs then pop over to this link and check it out

Standout tracks:
Foxtrot Bravado
State Of Mind

by K.T.Glitz

Visit the Clockwork Radio Website