Civet - Hell Hath No Fury

Try searching for a definition of the word civet, and you will find that a civet is in fact a small lithe bodied arboreal mammal native to Africa and Asia.

To ensure "Glitziners" don't think I'm reviewing some obscure wildlife noises album.

I'd just like to confirm that this "Civet" is a female four-piece shit kicking punk rock and roll band from Orange County California.

"Hell Hath No Fury" the bands debut album for "Hellcat Records" and is released on September 8th 2008, and its a joyous racket in the vein of the planets finest female fronted bands. Not unlike say like "The Runaways", "The Plasmatics" or the long overlooked UK sleazesters "Dirty Love".

The 13 tracks on offer here are like someone at "Hellcat" has managed to bottle that never to be forgotten spit in your face moment from your pissed off ex girlfriend, whose about to place a demented well-placed jackboot in your cobblers before screaming "Fuck You" before throwing your car keys down some nearby drain.

You remember that fury right guys and gals? Well its sprinkled all over this fucker in abundance.

From the opening cataclysmic riff that heralds "Alibi" you know these ladies mean business, and the fact they choose to keep things short and sweet only adds to the strength and venom of the tunes.

Tracks like "Sin City" and "Bad Luck" sound like "Motorhead" would have sounded if "Lemmy" had ever had a "Wayne County" moment and cut his warty cock off, whilst "Son Of Bitch" and "Brooklyn" are the best "Joan Jett" Songs, Joan has never written.

"Rancid's Tim Armstrong" makes the obligatory co writer appearance on the fiercely catchy "All I Want", but it is testimony to the strength of ladies own material that the track really doesn't stand out in any way from the equally huge sounds of "Gin and Tonic" and album closer "Hell Hath No Fury".

I can't begin to imagine the chaotic celebration that must ensue when "Civet" play these tunes live, but if they do just happen to come over to the UK with "Rancid" this winter, you can rest assured I will be there.

Oh, and "Spice" I want first dibs on the interview.

Get this album if you like your "Civet" to make balls out unapologetic femme fatale punk rock. Get a plane ticket to Africa if your looking for musky mammals…. but then again!!!!!

5 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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