City Girls Boys - S/T

Lesli Sanders is one of the rockers that I admire the most. His previous bands Talks Cheap, Queeny Blast Pop and The Distractions are all phenomenal in their own ways. He is also a living proof of the injustice within music and life in general. Eventhough Queeny/ Distractions were mega, he never got a bit of the recognition he deserved. Anyway, with such a background (also worth mentioning; Lesli is alo the bassplayer of PBF), I was eager to hear what his new band sounded like.

City Girls' Boys come in a classy package. The Sleeve express the decadence of debauchery of life in bars and stripshows. Unfortunately though CGB is Mr Sanders weakest band to date. The Six-track CD hits off with "Waiting". A surprisingly slow opener which sounds a lot like Dogs D'amour. "Heroine" is a bit faster and reminds me a bit of The Distractions. By the third song, I realized that City Girls' boys is a modern glitterpop band rather than the punkpurri I expected. "Believe" is beautiful and may break some new ground for the band.

Lesli Sanders has changed again. City Girls' boys is good pop with touches of glitter and glamour. The Image and package are first class. With a bit stronger songs, this band can really turn into something big. You'd better believe...

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Review by Andreas Persson