Circus of Death - 3 Track Demo

Ah, another odd one to roll through the door of Glitzine Towers.

The market of music right now is being flooded by 80's throw-back bands. Bands like The Killers, Big City Music, She Wants Revenge are showing up everywhere, and the majority of them are all lifting the sounds of the 80's dance alternative scene. I'm starting to forget there ever was a music sound in the 80's that wasn't played in the New Wave/Punk/Underground clubs.

Then along comes a 3 song demo from the oddly named Circus Of Death. At first I was expecting some form of Death Metal or Power Metal. But then the first song "Life Of The Party" started up. It was a sound I wasn't expecting. The production on the song carried a soft, easy feel to it, but the song had a groove and move to it that didn't cover up its energy. When the voice rolled in, it was distinctly British, not so much in accent, but in style. This voice could never come out of the US, even with a person highly influenced by the old UK scene.

Songs 'Life of the Party' and 'Stop Start Again' have a similar feel in execution in the vocal department whereas 'Happy Ever After' steps away from it all. But the voice is driving me crazy as to who he sounds like. It is making me think English Beat, but the vocalist for Circus purposely lets his voice crack at the end of many words.

The band might be shooting for that 80's feel that many others are doing now, but they are doing it in a refreshing way. They're hitting an area that nobody else is really doing, and for that alone I am thankful. Add into that though that they are doing it as well as they are, and as catchy as they are (seriously, some of these backing vocals stick to your brain like duct tape), and that makes for a band to keep a very close eye on. Plus, in numerous pictures one of the members is wearing a Fields Of The Nephilim shirt, and if that isn't enough reason to support them, then I don't know what is.

by Carl Isonhart

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