Circle of One - Tied To the Machine

I have been waiting for this CD for a long time now - especially when I heard that the band have been working with a producer who basically shaped by life - musically…
Uber-COCK ROCK-Producer Beau Hill has helped the band sound ENORMOUS - now don't get me wrong they did sound amazing before on their 'The Loud Minority' E.P. which also sounded clear and crisp. But Tied… is immense sounding…not only that, the songs are great - more hooks than Capt. Birdseye!

The musicianship of this band is amazing - the guitars of Julian & Rich Gardner sound like they could rip a rift in the fabrics of the earth's core! A mention must be given to the rhythm section of Mike Harper & Chris 'SUV' Lewis - drums & bass respectively - the grooves the duo create together would even get a drunken comatose tramp dancing!

I seen this band many times since 2002ish - each time they continue to grow musically and tighter and therefore a better feel to the songs which is truly evident here on this collection of songs - which believe me is guaranteed a place in my top 10 of 2009.

Favourite tracks of mine… 'Everyday Miracles' - which highlights the vocal dynamics of Guitarist Rich Gardner's vocals in contrasts to Julian's. 'Power Of One' - A future live classic! 'Automatic' - this is also on their previous E.P. however the boys have surpassed themselves yet again! A CLASSIC!

I've gotta be honest, all of the album is great so scrap what I've said above - all of them are favourites!

Check them out live soon - before they go global!

by Dave Prince

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