Chrome Division - Doomsday Rock 'n' Roll

Why would an ole sleaze-meister like me be looking at buying an album featuring a member of Dimmu Borgir? In fact why would anyone into glam/punk rock n roll want to buy an album on Nuclear Blast?

Well thanks to a sampler CD with Metal Hammer this month I think I've possibly discovered the sleeper album of the year, and it is such a departure from death/thrash/heavy metal that Nuclear Blast must take full credit for releasing it.

As I alluded this is a sort of Scandinavian super group (as if we don't have many of those already!!! Duuuuuh). Chrome Division features "Dimmu Borgir" mainstay Shagrath on guitar with Ricky Black on second guitar, Tony White and Luna on drums and bass respectively, all topped off with Vanian look-alike Eddie Guz on vocals. Chrome Division formed back in the summer of 04 and after a few tweaks to the line up they recorded this debut offering in December 06.

This CD is 12 tracks of gasoline-fueled biker metal, straight from the heart of a certain Mr Kilminster via a twisted route 666 on a soundtrack that takes in influences such as Turbonegro, The Almighty, Circus of Power and UK cult NWOBHM heroes Tank.

One thing for sure, this fucker rocks, right from the off. The Intro of "Doomsday Overture" (don't let the titles put you off) segues into an Iron Fist for the 00's in the shape of "Serial Killer", I keep trying to put the buzz I get off this into words and all I can come up with is ARGGGGH! It is an immense lead track and deserves to be heard by every self-respecting fan of this genre. Things move at pace through "Hate" onto the "Mindwarp-like" sing along "Trouble With The Law" before it dips a little into trad metal with possibly the weakest track on here, that being the bands call to arms "Chrome Division".

Self produced, this album consistently pushes the sound of 5 deranged rock n roll dudes squeezing every ounce of energy into 4 or minutes down the listeners throat, and tracks such as "1st Regiment (like prime Mindwarp again)" and "We Want More (verging on a Rob Zombie jamming with The Quireboys vibe complete with woo hoo's)" just leave you thinking "why isn't every fucking band this good?". I suppose the world would be a boring place if they were.

I found myself wondering two things when I got to last track "When The Shit Hits The Fan" … 1. Will I ever get to review an album I don't like for Glitzine and 2. Backyard Babies should take a listen to this album and get the guys to produce their next album, just to get their edge back.

As the Sleeve notes proudly proclaim, PLAY LOUD! RAISE HELL! (now piss off)

4 out 5 (highly recommended biker sleaze rock)

by Johnny H.

(Johnny, I can guarantee you that you will, at some moment in time, receive a CD to review that you think is utter shite LOL!)

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