Chris Laney - Pure

Chris Laney is a journeyman of Swedish hard rock. Even if you haven't heard the name before, I guarantee that you've heard some of the music influenced by his magic touch. With production, mixing and song writing credits for the likes of Europe, Crashdiet, Crazy Lixx, Bruce Kulick, Dynazty and Blackrain, Chris is well respected for his work behind the scenes. Not all of Laney's work has been behind the scenes - he was part of both 'Randy Pipers Animal' and Swedish sleaze sensations 'Zan Clan'. 2009 sees Laney finally released his first solo album 'Pure'.

Calling on his vast network of friends Chris has amassed a superstar line-up to appear on his album with members of Crashdiet, Hardcore Superstar, Animal, Zan Clan, Crazy Lixx, Treat, Shotgun Messiah and more fronting up to be part of the action. With pedigree like that on hand to help, it's not hard to see how 'Pure' manages to deliver up 12 top class tracks - without a filler in sight. 'Make You Cry' is one of the biggest first thumping anthems of 2009, and the equally impressive sleazed up metal ballad 'The Stranger In You' provides some more mellow moments.

Whilst the album is firmly entrenched in the hard rock genre, 'Pure' still manages to branch out into melodic, sleaze and metal directions at different times. 'Get U Down' has a definite commercial Def Leppard vibe to it, whilst 'Make My Day' sees Chris deliver a dark haunting masterpiece. However the top of the bunch would have to be 'Last Man Standing' which could easily ride the crest of the current Swedish sleaze wave, leaving others in it's wake.

Currently sitting in my top 5 albums for 2009, this album is 'pure' class. Chris manages to deliver the crispest production of any producer out there today. The sound is spotless, and the songs are just as polished. If you haven't discovered Chris Laney yet, check out this album and you'll wonder why the hell you hadn't done so earlier.

by Lindsay Buloch


Wow, that was totally unexpected! I saw the name (and it didn't ring any bells but should have!), I saw the pictures and thought this was going to be some screamy metally thing. What was inside totally blew me away and then I read the bio and it all made sense. Chris Laney is from Sweden and has recorded in the past with Randy Piper (of WASP) and also the awesome Zan Clan. In the past Laney has worked with Europe, Bruce Kulick and Crashdiet and 'Pure' has contributions from Martin Sweet of Crashdiet, Kulick, Zinny Zan of Zan Clan and Vic Zino from Hardcore Superstar.

What we have on offer here is great stadium rock, very much akin to Kiss, Alice Cooper and Bon Jovi with some great guitar work courtesy of Mr Laney himself.

Standout tracks:
Make My Day
Pissed At What Ya Missed

by K.T. Glitz

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