Chop Suicide - 5 Track Demo

"Sounds like Joan Jett and GnR hurtling towards each other and crashing head on in a bloody mess." Open message to bands: - if you want to get this writer interested, describe yourselves like this!

Formed by ex-Red Light Rippers guitarist Staci T. Rat and singer Danyell from hardcore act Pantychrist, Chop Suicide, with Scotland's own Jonny Scott on bass, come storming out of Toronto with their self-described brand of "snotty, flirty, in-your-face R'n'R." Opener "Panic Attack" is one minute and forty nine seconds of total coolness, reminiscent of Redd Kross at their punky best and with a simple chant-a-long chorus to die for. "Here To Stay" has Staci handling vocal duties and features a guitar solo straight out of the kickass cool R'n'R songbook. "Turn It On" sees the afore-mentioned Joan Jett influence worn proudly like a medal of honour, and is a real highlight. "Rockabilly Bitch" rides along on a fat, sleazy groove and closer "Runnin' On Empty" could be the Toilet Boys if they were..ahem...fronted by a woman.

....And that's it, all over way too quickly but not before the band have mainlined a whole lotta lovejunk right into your system. This kinda band don't need to be over-reviewed or over-analysed, they just need to be enjoyed and celebrated. Currently without a deal or a drummer, but all that is sure to change as these tunes get heard more and more and, in Danyell, the band possess a frontwoman who all the girls are gonna wanna be and all the guys are gonna wanna be with.

by Gaz E.

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