Chixdiggit - From Scene To Shining Scene

First I must admit that I'm a huge hockeyfan and any band that sings about Gary Cheevers or any other Boston Bruin, is already guaranteed a great review. Talking about hockey and punkrock, I must mention THE HEXTALLS who's done the ultimate lovesong "I'd take an Al Mcinnis Slapshot to the balls for you". If that isn't pure true love then what is (Mcinnis is famous for his slapshot)?

CHIXDIGGIT doesn't need to bribe bruinsfans though. "From Scene to Shining Scene" is an awesome album and quite possibly their best to date. Ten classy poppunk songs with humor and hitpotential. The only weak link is "Moto Fox" which sounds like heavy metal  from the 70's. "My Dad versus Paul Maccartney" is the opener most punkbands dream of. "Spanish Fever" is as good though the refrain comes a bit too close to TOY DOLLS. "My Folks are gone" is the perfect weekendanthem for kids. CHIXDIGGIT also know the slowpoke as in the beautiful closing "Born in Toulouse"

"From Scene to Shining Scene" is highly recommended to everyone into bubblegum/teen punk.

by Andreas

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