China - Light Up The Dark

Track listing:
01 - Light Up The Dark
02 - Hey Yo
03 - She's So Hot
04 - Girl On My Screen
05 - Lonely Rider
06 - Gates Of Heaven
07 - On My Way
08 - Stay
09 - Deadly Sweet
10 - Trapped In The City
11 - Right Here Right Now
12 - Flesh And Bone

CHINA back for more with their latest album LIGHT UP THE DARK. Another band who are proving that they can stand the test of time and continue with a career.

LIGHT UP THE DARK is a harder album than the previous three offerings which might not grant it full appeal to long standing fans as they seemed to have gone for a more sleazy feel and at times show flashes of Motley Crue.

Personally I think this is still a very good album. Sometimes bands have to evolve or risk becoming stale and China are obviously looking to try and keep things sounding fresh. There are some funky and groovy rhythms that leave the band closer to the Sunset Strip rather than Madison Square Gardens. There are still large hints at their AOR past but China have definitely come out rocking with this release whilst maintaining melodies that should leave them appealing to a wide audience.

The choruses are still big and there is some fantastic guitar work on show throughout the album. China are definitely mean business with this release and hopefully Light Up The Dark will keep them heading upwards.

Standout tracks:
She's So Hot
Lonely Rider
On My Way
Deadly Sweet

by K.T.Glitz

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