Cherry Monroe - The Good, The Bad & the Beautiful

Every once in a while a record comes along that makes you feel damn good inside - you know kinda like that post feasting of a box of Celebrations feeling? Well Cherry Monroe's 'Good, Bad and the Beautiful' is one such record. Hailing from across the pond, Youngstown, Ohio to be precise, these boys specialize in glammed up riffs melded to spectacularly catchy melodies. Take the first single to be taken from said opus - 'Satellites'. It's a monster of a tune that oozes attitude, sexiness with stadium rock size hooks and a heavy/clean guitar effect and should appeal to both old and young rockers alike. Butch Walker produces in his usual characteristic way and his sense of melody and style pays dividends. Had Marvelous 3 had a track as killer as 'Satellites' then Butch might have been earning his money a whole different way but alas it just wasn't to be!

Whilst there's no need to get carried away here and start throwing superlatives around at will, there is enough class contained within the music to suggest that bigger and better things lie ahead. In singer Matt Toka they possess a master craftsman who with his love for classic rock, Gn'R and Hanoi Rocks in particular, has the ability to bang out one seriously catchy tune after another, most that defy his age (most of the songs here he wrote when he was just 19?). Tracks such as 'Bandages' with the killer refrain 'she keeps me in bandages' and chest beating drum pattern just smokes, 'Painkillers' 'I needed painkillers just to be with you' tells of a fucked up love affair whilst lighting the fuse to some serious riffage and 'Anything' is a ballad that has the power to reduce you to mush, are as good as anything this reviewer has heard in recent years and one only hopes that a) a tour is forthcoming and b) the CD gets a hasty UK release!

So if you have a taste for the old school rock n' roll, coupled with a yearning for something new - Cherry Monroe might just be the pefect blend you have been looking for.

by DJ Northern

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