Cherry Monroe - The Good, The Bad & the Beautiful

Wham bam this CD starts off with a bang with the track "Bandages". An up-tempo rocker in the vein of Hardcore Superstar. Yeah, 80's rock with a modern touch. As the second track starts I'm wondering if it's the same band. The in your face rock n roll has given way to emo/pop punk on the track "At the Stars". "Satellites", the third track, was a minor hit when released off of their first CD. A solid song in the modern/emo/rock vein. This could be a hit with the teenagers of today. In fact every song on this CD could be a hit with one genre or another but there is no consistency. The sound is all over the board, from the Dave Matthews influenced "Anything" to the Gin Blossems tinged "If You Go" to "Can't Explain", which would sound right at home on a Lifehouse CD.

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful is a very catchy, very listenable CD but nothing original. It plays out like a soundtrack chronologically from 1990 to 2005, hitting all the good notes. It's a CD that you don't want to like, but will, and a CD that you will want to hate, but can't.

by Mister E.

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