Cherry Lips - Cherry Lips

It's good to know that good time rock'n'roll has not died - at least not in Italy where this four piece hail from. This is 70's glam rock - from the era where T.Rex, the Sweet and Suzi Quatro could bother the upper echelons of the charts by playing memorable pop numbers without turning their guitars down. 11 out of the 12 tracks here would make a decent single and that's only because the remaining track is a cover of Cyndi Laupers "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". There's nothing wrong with it - it's still top notch but they do little new with it and for an all female band it's just too bloody predictable. Still, if it encourages people to check them out it'll have served its purpose.

However, there are some cracking tracks to be found elsewhere. "Back 4 More" is a damned good rock tune that would benefit from some extra guitar work to beef the sound up a little as the chorus has very definite arena aspirations and just demands to be belted out! "Shadow" however has got it right with the lead guitar work being particularly effective here. "Messin' Around" is a classic three minute pop song with a truly spectacular chorus.

This is going to be a little too lightweight for the rock crowd but what is clear from this CD is that the band can write a damned good tune as the sometimes off the wall lyrics, guitar breaks and choruses are all spot on. The production sometimes lacks punch and I'd be hoping that live that'd all be corrected. However, I'm not going to take it away from these girls. For a debut CD this is dripping potential and let's hope that they can keep it together long enough to make a second CD.

by Phil T.

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