The Chelsea Smiles - The Chelsea Smiles

In the time I've spent endlessly listening to this brand spanking new "Chelsea Smiles" album, I could probably have watched all five series of the fantastic HBO drama "The Wire" over again.
But just like that epic East Baltimore crime series, this second full album from "Todd Youth's" US sleaze crew is all about taking your time and appreciating the maturity and development of the tunes, full of twists, turns and surprises for you the listener.
This time around it's all about a fuller self assured sonic overload of heavy weight harmonies, rather than the fuck you, smash and grab attitude of the already classic "Thirty Six Hours Later".

Lead track "Take You Away" sets the bar as high as it can go straight from the off, and its pretty evident that "The Smiles" have cranked up the previously semi hidden psychedelic backing vocals that now make tracks like "I'm Gone" and "So Low" sound like long lost primetime "Nuggets" influenced rock gems.

Rest assured though "The Smiles" haven't gone all soft on us Glitziners, this album has not lost one iota of the scuzzy edge that we all loved so much first time around. And tracks like "On The Run" and "Little Misfit" are finely tuned musical hot rods ready to melt your ears off. Yet again the guys guitars are cranked to maximum "Frehley and Thunders" effect throughout the twelve tunes on offer.

Two tracks from "The Smiles" back catalogue raise their heads again in the shape of buffed up versions of "Action Coming Down" and "Nothing To Lose" (nothing wrong with this, but for me two all new tracks would have made this album as near damn perfect as the full length debut) and the band steam through a mauling of Jagger and Co's "The Last Time" before closing on the rather aptly named acoustic strum of "Broken Lullabies"

Chelsea Smiles are just about to lay waste to the UK for the first time with ghouls r us "Wednesday 13" and with this superb album about to hit the racks near you UK sleaze rock crowds really are there for the taking…True Dat (copyright "Omar Little").

5 out of 5

by Johnny H

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