Charmless - Demo

Being that I have never heard this band before I wasn't certain what to expect. The first track off the 'Charmless' demo is a well-crafted tune called "Raise the Dead," the musicianship is tight and the song has a definite groove. Vocally it sounds as though the singer is struggling to deliver a strong impact, but his raspy tonal quality has a certain personality that helps ease you through the song.

"Hot Flower" and "Smell your Breathe" didn't do much for me at all, they both have a great edge but the vocals could use some improvement.

Rounding out the demo is a tune called "Your not Impressing Anyone" which sadly I can say is a great title for the song.

For a demo, this isn't too shabby but I'd like to see what the band could do with better production. The songs are catchy but it lacks a certain overall element.

by Noele Shannon

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