Charlotte - Medusa Groove

Anyone who lived the Sunset Strip music scene in the late 80's/early 90's will most likely remember the band Charlotte. These guys play blues based hard rock/hair metal that will be a necessary addition to any headbangers music library. If you like bands such as Great White, Salty Dog, Babylon A.D. or even Led Zeppelin, this band doesnt fall far from the tree.

"Medusa Groove" is a collection of songs that shamefully didn't get released back in the bands heyday. Had songs like the title track, "She Get It Up," "Got Love On The Line," or the ballad "Changes" been played back then, this band could have been much bigger than they were. This band had the looks and the hooks that were required, but sadly were overlooked in the large book of hair bands.

This band has an awesome energy on these recordings and even if they were overlooked then, fans new and old can discover the band once again and be transported back to that Sunset Strip scene once again. Well worth picking up.


by Patrick White

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