Charlie Indestructible - My Sweet Revenge

Track listing:
01 - Step One Establishment...
02 - I'm Back Billy And I Want You
03 - My Sweet Revenge

Bedfordshire alternative rockers CHARLIE INDESTRUCTIBLE release their 3 track EP MY SWEET REVENGE.

Opening track Step One Establishment...kicks things off with with some great riffs and some awesome vocal harmonies.

My Sweet Revenge closes things out with a track that moves from sonic assault to mellow and back again.

It is very nice to hear a band of this genre that doesn't split the vocals 50/50 between real singing and screaming/shouting. They reminded me at times of Cato Street Conspiracy, another great UK alternative rock band.

Based on the three tracks on offer here I'll definiely be keeping an eye on Charlie Indestructible.

Standout tracks:
Step One Establishment...
My Sweet Revenge

Review by K.T.Glitz

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