Cathouse - In Pussy We Trust

Cathouse are a Street Glamour Band from Italy, and have been gigging as the current line-up since Summer '02, supporting bands such as 'Faster Pussycat' and 'Bango Tango'. They have also appeared in 'Glam Attakk', an Italian National show, and 'Glam Shot Festival'.

In Pussy We Trust kicks off with 'Phone Call', the classic party arranging call to buddies, unfortunately it sounds contrived, but is still an adequate intro for 'Lesbian Night'. Further on, 'Teenage Desire' has a great bluesy feel throughout, which I loved, and although some of the lyrics were repetitive, it was a catchy tune with great guitar work. The spoken section towards the end of the track works well (although I am curious to know who lit a cigarette at the beginning and what was dropped at the end of the recording!) About the only other track that stood out was 'Time to be a superstar', purely and simply because of its arrogant sounding title, but what else would you expect from cock rock! Good beat and rhythm, with fine harmonies and a guitar solo to be proud of, lasting a good 30 seconds of the 5.19 track.

All in all a good classic rock sound with some fantastic guitar work, somewhat cheesy lyrics (not that cheesy is always a bad thing! I do feel that the song writing needs more work though!), and vocals that I didn't think anyone but Axl Rose could get. Easy to listen to, feel good rock!

by Talia Kane

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