Castle Blak - Glamour and Damnation (Greatist Hits and Dirty Little Secrets)

Glamour and Damnation - a Regent St. Claire self-financed release, consisting of three CD's totalling up to a whopping 198 minutes of sound-play, this isn't a box set to take lightly.

Reason 1: (The Approach) Approach with an open mind/heart and with love/adoration, and remember, this box set is spanning the entire existence of Castle Blak (1984-1993), so respect!
Reason 2: (The Palate) Savour like a fine Bordeaux, DO NOT rush, this is not a cheap table wine. Enjoy the depth and richness, you could be pleasantly surprised!
Reason 3: (The Cleansing) Sorry, you're not gonna get any soul cleansing, what you will get however is pure satisfaction in knowing what you have in your hands is worth far more than $30, what you actually have in your hands is priceless!

… and a limited edition may I add.

So what does this box set include, well… besides the three CD's, included in this exquisitely stylised lil black ditty are three extremely extensive booklets including a disclaimer, lyrics, rare photos, introductions and linear notes to each and every track. Talk about shits and giggles galore!

Sorry, I have to mention two…
'Ten High' - "R.S. The song's opening starts with an announcer (aka Brian Crow) introducing the band as if the track was recorded live in Montreal. To date, I've never been to Canada. So I really loved the fan letter we got from a guy in Quebec who saw us perform there on that fictitious tour."
'Glory Hole' - "R.S. Our drummer, Matthias, was very young, like maybe 16 or 17 at the time, and he was going with this girl who was really putting him through the ringer. From where I stood, it seemed like the only reason she gave him the time of day was because he was in a successful band. That really steamed my clams. He was sooo miserable. So I wrote this song about that little tart, and even dedicated it to her onstage at a pretty big local show we did, and she was there to hear it. Hoo ha!" What makes this story all the more amusing is the fact that she ran out of the venue crying! Girl, you got everything you deserved! There's a lesson to be learned and you learnt it the quickest way. Such a shame! HaHaHa!

Castle Blak could very typically be labelled and lumped under the classification 80's Hair Metal, I'm sure they wouldn't take offence to this and I'm sure they would all agree this is exactly what they were. However, I would really hate for anyone to shy away purely because of this fact.

I'll be the first to admit that my main listening preference of late are those bands who could easily slip in to the boundaries of punk n' roll; but I've lost count as to how many times I've paved my way through this myriad of tunes. My favourites list is growing all the time, and those I skipped by at the beginning due to lack of appreciation are growing on me all the more. I do believe my Castle Blak 5-mile walk to work every morning has come to a close, not by choice, purely and simply, I now have to move onto my next review. My mornings will never be the same again.

So, my fellow compadres… I've got my favourites list, now go find yours!

Domestic Buyers (within US)
$30 + $7 Postage/Packaging
International Buyers (Outside US)
$30 + $10 Postage/Packaging

NB. For the 1st time in over 15 years, Regent St. Claire, Matthias Montgomery, Brian Crow and Kev Mueller are planning two reunion shows, 1 in Los Angeles and 1 in their hometown of San Francisco. No dates are currently scheduled. For all us British folks; do not despair, the guys are also trying their damnedest to get across the pond.

by Spice D. Warlock

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