Call the Doctor - Call the Doctor

CALL THE DOCTOR are here and seeking world domination with their own brand of pop punk. CTD is an excellent EP with upbeat tunes, stabbing rhythms and some fabulous Siouxsie style vocals.

There are some really good riffs that give a passing nod to the current indie scene (without losing the pop punk feel) and the songs bounce along. Call The Doctor even drag a ska punk vibe into the excellent Fit To Dance.

Standout tracks:
Gregory, You're A Star
Fit To Dance

by K.T. Glitz

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Call The Doctor are a female fronted Bristol (UK) based jerky pop/punk/dance band, blending so many different elements together it's unbelievable.

This mini album was recorded and mixed over 10 days by Paul Tipler (Idlewild/Placebo/Elastica) which is amazing considering the quality of the songs on display here.

Vocalist Patti Aberhart has a great and distinctive voice, which really adds an extra spark to the six tracks, of which include stand out tracks 'For Your Leisure' and 'Little Bones'.

Call The Doctor have all the ingredients needed to be huge given that they get the right exposure, and have already been featured on Steve Lamacq's unsigned band of the week, BBC Bristol Introducing's Record of the Week, Gill Mill's (NME Radio) Best Of Myspace podcast, and had their track, 'Gregory, You're a Star' daytime playlisted on BBC Bristol, it looks like they're on the right track and knocking on the right doors!

Check em out!

Rating 9/10

by Barrry Gennard

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