CalatrilloZ - The Rise of the Leviatan

01 - Z The Psychopath
02 - The Long Winding Road
03 - Circle of Sorrow

This EP is the second short offering from the unquantifiable CalatrilloZ and is a showcase of the versatility of this five-piece band.

Headed by the enigmatic Mr Z, who after spending years singing classical opera in his home country of Brazil, chose to set his musical career on a different path and ended up creating the tale of the circus family, CalatrilloZ, and formed the band after coming to London.

The band's style is drawn from a wide variety of genres, such as gothic, rock, metal, jazz, theatre and cabaret, amongst others, to produce a unique and memorable sound. Once heard, never forgotten!

The style has a very Mediterranean feel to it in places, particularly the vocals. Unsurprising as the band members hail from as far afield as Brazil, Italy and Germany. The standard fayre of drums, guitar and bass is accompanied by an electric violin, which gives the music an extra dynamic. Rapid changes in tone and pace keep the songs alive and catchy; the kind of music that gets into your head and you'll find yourself humming at odd times!

The EP opens with "Z The Psychopath", a fast-paced, energetic track with a punchy, metal feel that just screams 'we are here!'. This is followed by "The Long Winding Road" which slows the pace and brings in the electric violin to accompany the drums and guitars, then slows further and brings a more reggae feel to the chorus, which works well and adds an extra dimension to the track. The EP closes far too soon with "Circle of Sorrow", a ballad telling the story of lost love and a broken, vengeful heart, which allows Mr Z to show off his superb vocals to their best advantage.

There is a lot more where this came from and the band is well worth seeing live. Their stage presence is as versatile as their songs and is more of a theatrical show than mere gig, replete with painted faces, masks and costumes.

This is a band to keep an eye out for and I for one am looking forward to seeing much more from them in future. Watch this space.

by Toni Glitz

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