Butchers Bill - Love Killer

The first thing that hits you about New York based Butchers Bill, are the unmistakeable Motorhead and MC5 influence, both in music and lyrics. Originally formed in Croatia, much of front man Damir's writing was an escape from the gloom of the Croatian war. Many bands write through hardship but few are capable of putting quite so much energy and heart into their performance and certainly perseverance has been a must. Although compared to the bands debut they could be accused of lyrically taking a softer approach, albeit very miniscule. But the albums titled 'Love Killer' so what else would you expect?

Initially this isn't a record your going to play and either instantly love or hate. It's mood music, listen without prejudice and any preconceptions and about a third of the way through, the reality of how much you like this band takes over you like chloroform.

Throughout all songs, there is an undeniable feel of enjoyment from the musicians and a sense of rebellious punk attitude. Amply packed with exceptional guitar solos and mostly fast raw rock music. Every track contains something you can invariably fall for.
The chorus on 'Roll Over' has something so quirky it draws you in, while 'Gina Las Vegas' is a song that makes you shake your legs like Lemmy for no logical reason. 'Girls are Mean' would probably be the single release if there is to be one, even if the only reason for that is because girls ARE mean and men love telling us so!

by Sharron Grainger

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