Butchers Bill - Quick and Painful

'Quick and Painful' is definitely the best way to describe this 9-song CD. It's fast paced, three-chord gritty rock n' roll and I can imagine as a live performance, it would be a rather painful experience amongst all the slam dancing.

The CD starts out with 'Gun for Fun' and the rock doesn't stop all the way through. Guitar solos wail all over and take you back to the days of when guitar heroes ruled the music scene.

The only bad part was the vocals, they're real low in the mix and I found the guitars to over power them, which, I guess isn't too much of a bad thing; afterall you have to consider the way the leads are ripped on each song.

Standout songs like 'Going Home' and 'No Good' make this disc a treat to listen to and review.

Breez's rating
3.5 stars out of 5

by Bay Breez

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