Butch Walker - Left of Self-Centered

This was a hard review for me to write as I have mixed emotions about the CD. Tracks 1-5 don't do much for me as there really isn't any distinction between them musically. They're like one giant song and to be honest it made it hard for me to sit still and get through the rest of the album. *My Way* is a well written but I just don't think it fits musically with what the airwaves are playing and that leaves Butch unable to cap on any of the success he might be deserving of.

Butch finally grabs my attention by track six *Sober*, not only is this a reality track lyrically, the orchestration sets it apart from the rest of the disc. By far one of my favorite songs. As we fade into track seven *Into the Black* Butch keeps me mesmerized with the dreamlike quality of the instrumentation. This track and track twelve *Take Tomorrow* contain very Beatlesque type elements, which add distinction and helped keep me hooked. *Get Down*, *Diary of a San Fernando Sexx Star* and *If (Jeannes Song) * round out the tracks most memorable to me and make for the later part of my listening a very nice ride.

by Noele Shannon

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