Bullets and Octane - Laughing In the Face of Failure

Based in the Southern California area, Bullets and Octane are a band that have created quite a buzz on the new hard rock scene. Sounding like a mix of Buckcherry and Avenged Sevenfold, this band has already gathered quite a strong following and has toured with the likes of Korn, Stone Sour, and Social Distortion. Following the release of their self-titled album in April, which was available as a download only and not in actual CD format, the band has now re-released the album along with their previous album "Song for the Underdog" in a two CD set.

While it is nice to have the self-titled album finally released in physical format, this two CD set also contains a new version of their song "Pirates" as well as two previously unreleased songs.

The band fits in well with today's hard rock market. Especially in a time when it seems most bands of this genre are unoriginal. They play the kind of hard rock that is very driven and in your face, yet have a very distinct sound that separates them from their counterparts. Each song is something new.
From hard rocking anthems, to melodic vocal harmony, this band has all the makings to continue strong in a genre that is losing its individuality. Songs like "The Perfect Bitch" and "Sweet Angel" deserve to be played on the radio much more than some of the music that is marketed today.

Overall a very nice collection of songs by a great band. My only complaint is that it should maybe contain something more than just three bonus songs to give fans that already own both included albums more of an incentive to purchase this new release. A bonus live DVD perhaps?


by Patrick White

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