Bullets and Octane - In the Mouth of the Young

Tired of waiting for the new Velvet Revolver album? Sick of looking at Axl's Appetite and thinking "I'm sure that 10 year old album will be good"?

Well I'd say it's time to move on and try something new. Wouldn't you?

South California's Bullets and Octane come on like prime time Appetite era Guns and don't they just know it.

'In the Mouth of the Young' is their major label debut (Sony/BMG) and it is 12 tracks of glam fuelled Rock 'n' Roll, full of gun swagger and punk like aggression. Take my word for it, this CD is well worth a punt at HMV or you local music emporium, where it will be hidden amongst all the manufactured shite that record companies want you to buy.

So what do you get for your pounds? I hear you ask. Well imagine Slash jamming with Dave Wyndorf and strangely Blaze Bailey from Wolfsbane and you won't be far off. This CD is produced by Page Hamilton (Helmet main man) so it is tight as a gnats chuff in the rhythm section and that just adds to the energy that erupts from your speakers once you crank up opener 'Goin' Blind'.

It's heads down, fast, catchy, glam punk from there on in, delivering classics "to be" such as 'My Disease' which sounds like Fuel and Gasoline era Steve Jones and Caving In, which comes on like a prime time Circus of Power. Rest assured there are no ballads here and I frankly rate this so strongly it is an early contender for Album of the Year in this genre.

For a band that seems to be labelled in the Avenged Sevenfold/Social Distortion marketplace I'd say they have much more in common with the stuff loved by Glitz-netters. My only reservation is that singer, and soon to be heartthrob, Gene Louis sounds a little like a certain RHCP front man on 'Cancer California' and 'Bathroom Floor', but we can forgive him this on the latter as he then slips into a sub Dave Bartram (yup I know you know dudes) growl not heard the like of since "Hey!!! Rock n Roll" was a hit back in the 70's.

Oh and before I forget this CD also has one of the best concept art covers I have ever seen (Think of the album title and see what I mean). Now "trust me" and take the plunge IT IS WELL WORTH IT.

Rating 4.5/5

by Johnny H.

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