Buckcherry - S/T

Yeah baby, Joshua Todd is back and on a major label to boot. Slamhound’s former power throat’s new band Buck Cherry finally released its first offspring and the damned piece of plastic is kicking and screaming for attention. From opener and first single "Lit Up", which reminds me of "Sugar Don’t Knock at my Door", to the unbelievable "Lawless & Lulu", this record represents Josh’s massive stab at success.

With a mixture of vintage AC/DC and Aerosmith on acid sprinkled with those punk overtones that made Slamhound the hottest band in Tinseltown all those moons ago, the band’s sound is like a breath of fresh air for today’s stagnant and rather boring music biz. Terri Date and Steve Jones did an amazing production job: the guitars are so in your face it’s scary, while Mr. Todd’s raspy Chris Robinson-influenced vocal chords are simply taken to the next human level. I simply cannot wait to catch them live in LA again. Go out and buy this sucker NOW!

By Marco Caneva


This four-piece is mostly known "over here" as the band who stole thesupporting slot on the european leg of the Kiss tour from the Backyard Babies. They're apparently hyped as hell in the States and has been titled "the saviors of rock & roll" and "the new Guns N' Roses" etc., which frankly I can't understand when listening to their self-titled debut album. Sure, it's rock & roll in the same good ol' vein as Aerosmith, Kiss and GN'R but most of the songs on the album feels like jokes without any punchlines. It's like you sit and listen to the ok-but-kinda-mediocre verses, waiting for a hot rockin' chorus to come along, and then all of a sudden the song is over leaving you with an uneasy feeling about the whole thing.

Another quite irritating thing is that the singer "bends" the vocal harmonies
the same way in EVERY song which makes everything kinda sound the same.
But the album isn't a complete throw-away. The "ballads" 'Check Your Head', 'For The Movies' and the Stonesy 'Borderline' are pretty good and so are the rockers 'Lit Up' and 'Lawless and Lulu', but on the other hand 'Lit Up' is an obvious rip-off of the Kiss classic 'Shock Me' so it feels like it's not entirely their
song, if ya get my drift... There is nothing special about this album, apart from it being co-produced by the all-mighty Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols I guess, so unless you're an extreme fan of this kinda music (like me) I wouldn't recommend it.

By  by K-J