Buck Brothers - We are Merely Filters

Track listing:
01 - All I Want To Do
02 - Are You In?
03 - When I Look At You (All I Think About Is Sex)
04 - All The Things
05 - Heartfelt By Numbers
06 - No More Yesterdays
07 - She's Not Wearing Any
08 - You're So Good, Good, Good You're Great
09 - Remission
10 - Pop Muzik
11 - Deeply Shallow

We are Merely Filters is the Second album from three-piece pop-punk-rockers, Buck Brothers.

The album is packed with 11 fun, upbeat punk rock tracks that leap out of your speakers and grab you by the ears from the off. Vocalist, Andy Duke, has a bit of a middle-class accent, which comes across very clearly and complements the clever lyrics.

There is not a duff track on this album. Every one has its merits and I can see it spending a lot of time in my car's CD player.

Stand out tracks for me are "When I Look At You (All I Think About Is Sex)" which does what it says on the tin; its a frank statement about what a man thinks when he sees a good looking woman! Also "No More Yesterdays", which is far from the ballad it's title implies and contains the stunning lyrics 'Like a Quaker with Tourettes, You always fear the worst'.

There's a fast-paced re-worked cover of Pop Muzik (which was originally a hit for British band M in 1979). Buck Brothers released their first version of this classic track in March 2008 to promote their tour of the States.

Superb. I loved this album. Buy it!

by Toni Glitz

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